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Secondary Glazing

What Is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is the perfect solution for properties where window replacement is not an option. This discreet, slimline aluminium panel is installed either within the reveal or to the face of the existing window and is barely visible to the naked eye. It not only increases the thermal and acoustic performance of the primary window but also offers increased security and privacy.


What Are The Main Types Of Secondary Glazing?


Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

Horizontal sliding secondary glazing system is a slim, stylish and versatile option, available in both Traditional and Heritage ranges. You can get two, three, four or five sliding sashes that glide easily along the aluminium track, giving you great access for cleaning and ventilation while still looking nice and subtle. The Heritage range is designed for bigger glass expanses, with heavy-duty units and self-supporting panes.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

The vertical sliding secondary glazing solution is available in three variations, all featuring specially designed, self-supporting panels that can remain at any chosen position. Additionally, each sash panel can be independently released from its frame and can be tilted inwards through almost 180 degrees, courtesy of the tilt-in facility.

Hinged Unit Secondary Glazing

The hinged product range features a hinged secondary glazing solution with a discreet 72mm sight line and no transoms or mullions. This product is equipped with a unique, single handle operation and a multi-point locking system for superior security. Additionally, it has the capability of side and base opening, as well as a tilt and turn facility for effortless maintenance. For large glass expanses, heavy duty units and self-supporting panes are available.

Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Lift out secondary glazing units come in three distinct styles - slimline, traditional, and heritage. Each of these variants features a removable secondary glazing panel encased in an external frame which can be secured to the face or reveal of the existing window. The slimline style features a slim aluminium frame for a neat, unobtrusive view. For large and robust windows, the heritage variation offers heavy duty units to support the heavier load.

Bespoke Secondary Glazing

Custom secondary glazing solutions for any type of window, including arched and bay windows, curved and circular glass and angled secondary windows. We have the necessary tools and skills to curve and bend sections and our expertise has been recognised through successful projects, such as church renovations, hotel developments, and hospital improvements.


For further information on secondary glazing and the types available, or for a no obligation quote, contact us on 01207 284 284 or email

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