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Heritage Glazing

Heritage Glazing

Glazing Films are experienced heritage glaziers, using high quality conservation glasses selected from the best of the traditional European craftsman glassblowers.


If you study the facade of any fine, old building you will see at once that original window glass is very special. Old glass distorts the image, reflects, sparkles and flashes in the light to produce an unique, pleasurable and quite fascinating effect. These reflective qualities add greatly to the personality of old buildings.


Before 1900 most glass was hand blown and as a result it was impossible to achieve a perfectly flat product. However skilled the blower, his glass contained some blemishes such as 'ream', a small wave or fold in the glass, and 'seeds', small air bubbles. These imperfections are the true characteristics of hand blown glass.


For the past forty years the float glass process has resulted in a perfect product whose uniform reflective capacity, when used in a period building, robs it of its personality and sparkle. It is most important, therefore, when restoring period windows that you choose the correct glass. We can supply and install heritage glass for all types of building, dating from the reign of Elizabeth I to that of George V


There are two main categories of period window glass we can supply, genuine hand blown cylinder glass and period style window glass. Hand blown cylinder glass is used for matching existing original cylinder blown or crown glass. It is glazed where existing original glass is broken or where replacement windows are required to match existing sashes in a period building. Wherever an authentic appearance is important, hand blown cylinder glass is the preferred choice. Period style window glass (eg: 3mm Georgian Sheet) is a lower cost alternative for complete glazing of windows or a facade where no original glass remains and the fine quality of a hand blown glass is not required. These glasses are designed to re-create the gently wavy reflection of crown and cylinder glass.


For further information on heritage glazing and the glass types available, or for a no obligation quote, contact us on 01207 284 284 or email

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