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Reduce Costs with Energy Saving Window Film

The use of air conditioning in the UK has rocketed, but air conditioners are not efficient. Using them to cool a building often uses significantly more energy than it does to heat one. A simple application of an energy saving window film can reduce operating costs by cutting down on the need for air conditioning and cooling systems.


Glazing Films supply and install a range of films that, once installed, will help prevent an uncomfortable, hot environment. Window film is applied directly to the glass, allowing it to reject the heat before entering the building, making window film a more effective solution than traditional methods such as blinds.


By creating a more stable interior temperature, air conditioning systems are put under considerably less strain leading to reduced costs. Window film can be applied to existing glass with the minimum of intrusion and, as soon as the film is fitted, the benefits will begin to be realised.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Companies and businesses are coming under increased pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of their premises, and an application of window film can help achieve this in a straightforward, cost effective fashion.


An installation of window film can turn your windows into energy efficient glazing, rejecting unwanted solar gain, keeping temperatures at a manageable level and placing less strain on air conditioning. Being less reliant on systems that require a lot of energy can not only result in lower bills, but also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and your building’s carbon footprint.


Heating and cooling systems in buildings have been identified as one of the major causes of greenhouse gas emissions and with energy saving window films having been proven to lower energy costs for moderating the temperature by up to 30%, the benefits to both the environment and budgets are clear.


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