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Bomb Blast Window Film

With the threat of global terrorism increasing bomb blast protection is unfortunately required in an increasing number of situations. Glazing Films offer a comprehensive range of bomb blast window films to provide the best possible mitigation.


It’s important to be aware that no window film can completely remove the threat posed by an explosion or bomb blast, but by matching the correct solution for each situation the security and safety of your building will be improved dramatically.


In the event of a bomb blast or explosion, a single square foot of glass can shatter into hundreds of sharp fragments, each of them potentially lethal. An application of specialist bomb blast window film will help mitigate against this. The window film works by holding the glass in place in the event of breakage, preventing the broken shards from being propelled through the air.


Bomb blast window film is available in several thicknesses. Choosing the correct thickness is critical and our team will ensure that the correct film is selected. The films are available in clear, tinted and obscure combinations.


Bomb blast window film, when combined with one of our various types of edge retention, can even hold the broken glass within the frame reducing the risks associated with the broken glass even further.


Bomb Blast Edge Retention Systems

This is an anchoring system that marries high performance bomb blast window film with a mechanical ‘clamping’ solution to provide maximum levels of security and safety and mitigates bomb blast.


As window systems vary in design and construction on each building, we can work with you to carefully select the most effective method of edge retention which is most suited to the frame design. This will allow us to ensure that optimum level of protection is achieved.This system works and is an additional, when using the bomb blast window film to hold the glass fragments together while the edge retention system retains the entire pane of glass and the window film within the original framing structure.


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