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Safer and More Secure - Safety Window Film

Safety window film helps employers meet their duty of care to staff, adhere to workplace and health and safety regulations, and addresses security risks.


Safety window film works by ensuring that if glass breaks through impact, building movement, vandalism or weather conditions, it does so in a safe manner. If untreated or standard glazing breaks, the shards fall away from the frame creating an immediate and dangerous hazard. Safety film holds the broken glass in place, thus enhancing employee, worker and child safety.


Legislation dictates that glass in certain locations must be of a minimum safety standard. An application of safety window film is an effective and efficient solution. Safety film will upgrade existing glass to safety glass, meaning there is no need to undertake an expensive glazing replacement programme to ensure safety standards are met.


Safety window film can be fitted internally or externally and can be fitted to existing glazing and windows. Once installed, glass will be upgraded to meet the standard BS EN 12600, previously BS6206.


Recognised as a highly effective method of improving the safety of glass, safety window film is recommended and endorsed by local authorities for use by child minders in order to protect children under their care against glass related injury.


Safety window film is available in a range of different thicknesses and strengths, as well as in a number of different finishes. The choice of films means that there is a product available to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. We can provide samples and advice about the film most suitable for your particular circumstances.


Safety window film can be applied in conjunction with other films to deliver increased functionality such as security, privacy and solar protection, with many films offering multiple benefits. For guidance, advice, information, samples and a no obligation installation quote, contact us on 01207 284 284 or email


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