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A Comfortable Working Environment - Heat Reduction Window Film

Studies have shown that variations from 20-23ºC in workplace temperature have a considerable effect on productivity and quality.


Concentration levels are said to drop by as much as half if it gets warmer than 24ºC. If it rises above 25ºC in factories, staff are more prone to accidents. More and more pressure from staff organisations and trade unions is being put on workplace managers to address an unduly warm workplace. Window film helps by reducing solar heat gain, maintaining a more stable and comfortable environment.


Heat reduction window film is available in a range of grades, shades and colours and can be applied to existing glazing. Each film varies in appearance and performance, the most popular being High Reflective Silver - a high performance film that can reduce excess heat by up to 80%, whilst allowing natural light to pass through your glazing.


How Does it Work?


Window film is basically a polyester product impregnated with a metal coating - either metalised or sputted process. The mirrored window film reacts to the strongest light source giving the effect of a reflective mirror or neutral grey look depending on the window film type and colour.


From the outside, the strong light source of daylight where a person looking toward the treated window, will see a mirror or neutral grey while the inside view outwards is a slight tint and visually transparent.


We are able to install the film internally or externally and are fully equipped with access equipment, allowing us to complete jobs at height or in difficult to reach areas.


Applying heat reduction window film to your windows can have numerous other benefits including preventing glare and fading caused by harmful UV rays and reducing energy consumption by reducing the strain on air conditioning units saving money on energy bills.


Whatever the size of your building we can help and are on hand to talk through your requirements and to suggest the best possible solution for your particular situation. For full details on our range of heat reduction window films and how they could work for you, or for a no obligation quote, please call us on 01207 284 284 or email today.


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