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Window Fim

Window film is an ideal solution to many of the heat, glare, safety,
security and privacy problems we have through glass. As well as lasting longer and looking better than traditional window blinds, it’s also maintenance free and a much more cost-effective option.


Glazing Films are one of the North East's leading window film and window tinting companies, offering the complete service, from supply and installation to design and print of window film and vinyl. Our head office team are on hand to give advice and guidance and to provide free, no obligation quotes, whilst our team of experienced fitters can guarantee a professional window film installation whatever film you choose. All of our window films have a scratch resistant coating unlike cheap, Chinese films that can be purchased on the internet.


The list below highlights some of the many benefits that window film and window vinyl supplied and installed by Glazing Films can address.


Stay cool - heat can be magnified by glazing, quickly making the working environment uncomfortable. Installing heat reduction window film or solar window film is an effective and cost-effective way to stop your building becoming too hot.


Reduces air conditioning costs - installing heat reduction window film or solar window film reduces heat build up, therefore reducing the strain on air conditioning units, thus saving money on energy bills.


Limit glare from the sun - glare can make it difficult to focus on screens and equipment and can quickly create an unpleasant working environment. Glazing Films can supply and install an anti glare window film that can cut down on glare without sacrificing natural light.


Increases personal safety - glazing can be fragile as well as a target for intruders. Glazing Films offers a wide range of both safety and security window films, with a range of thicknesses and performance levels to meet your requirements.


Increase privacy - privacy is required throughout commercial and domestic properties for a variety of reasons. Privacy window film can provide both one way and two way privacy and can be printed to feature graphics or logos, as well as being combined with safety and security films.


Helps prevent fading of furniture and fabrics - even when the sun isn't shining, its UV rays can cause stock, equipment and furniture to fade. With an application of specialist UV filter window film, these harmful effects can be reduced.


Glass decoration - Glazing Films can produce full colour graphics and printed wallpaper as well as simple 50mm frosted dots or squares and bespoke glass manifestation, each provided to your exact specification to meet both your functional and aesthetic requirements.


We also offer glass compliancy surveys to make sure glazing is in accordance with building regulations (Regulation 14) and health and safety regulations, followed up with a full, free no obligation report. Call 01207 284 284 or email

Window Film

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