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Cubicle Track

Glazing Films offer a range of cubicle track for health care institutions. We have the right solution for every type of rail. Our cubicle curtain track gives patients the privacy they need. The wide range of regular curtain rail systems can be applied broadly and is easy to install.


We deliver and install completely made to measure cubicle track including all accessories. Due to its high quality, the rail we install is also suitable for use in damp rooms and is functional, strong and available with a dust-resistant PVC cover strip. The track can be mounted either on the wall or on to the ceiling so that a solid system can be built.


Load & Release (ERS) - Detachable Cubicle Track


The Load Release System is the answer to the health care sector's need to have cubicle track released under certain conditions. This unique, patented solution allows the rail to be released from its attachment points under momentary loads of approximately 35kg. The rail is plugged into the ceiling supports. At peak loads of more than 35kg, the rail's detachment is guaranteed as long as it has been installed by qualified, trained personnel.


The LRS skids can be used in any rail. The slides pop out of the rail whenever the curtain is pulled hard. This prevents damage to the curtains/curtain rails. For safety, flexible plastic hooks are used instead of insert hooks.


The LRS system is particularly suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly, mental health facilities and other health care institutions.


To arrange a site survey, or for advice, further information, or a no obligation installation quote, contact us on 01207 284 284 or email

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